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Canadian Manufacturer's Trade Journals. Thanks to both the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library and the Toronto Public Reference Library, for allowing us to digitize very unique Canadian Trade Journals and catalogues. Publications such as Hardware Merchandising ( C.W Jefferys Illustrator), Bicycle accessories : 1900 By Rice Lewis & Son, the Canadian Jeweler, Maclean's Publications and much more can be found here:Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library and the Toronto Public Reference Library

University of Toronto Heritage. Since its establishment in 1965, the University of Toronto Archives has been responsible for the appraisal, acquisition, preservation and use of University records of permanent value and the private records of individuals and organizations associated with the University. It is located on the fourth floor of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library on the St. George campus and is open weekdays to the public from 9:00- 4:30. University of Toronto Archives

The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library is a library in the University of Toronto, constituting the largest repository of publicly accessible rare books and manuscripts in Canada. Among the collection's items are the Nuremberg Chronicle (1493), Shakespeare's First Folio (1623), Newton's Principia (1687), and Darwin's proof copy (with annotations) of On the Origin of Species (1859).Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

Many texts/collections generously sponsored by Microsoft, University of Toronto Libraries, Ontario Council of University Libraries and many others.


collections 201
texts 504,556
movies 71
images 68
Newspapers 15,293
British Columbia 15,266
McGill University Library Digitized Title 12,054
Universities and colleges 9,612
McGill University 9,316
Students 9,025
McGill University -- Students -- Newspapers. 8,974
The McGill daily. 8,973
Journaux et périodiques étudiants 8,972
Journaux et périodiques étudiants -- Québec (Province) -- Montréal. 8,972
Universities and colleges -- Québec (Province) -- Montréal -- Newspapers. 8,972
Catholic Church 8,406
genealogy 7,566
Bible 4,519
Medicine 3,184
Education 3,130
Église catholique 3,106
Agriculture 2,883
Church of England 2,743
World War, 1914-1918 2,453
Law 2,305
Indians of North America 2,085
Railroads 1,812
Operas 1,759
Chemins de fer 1,503
Science 1,499
Art 1,478
Theology 1,388
Mines and mineral resources 1,358
Canada 1,357
Indiens 1,312
Economics 1,161
Voting registers 1,154
Listes électorales 1,153
United Empire Loyalists 1,141
Jesus Christ 1,134
Genealogy 1,125
Bath, Ontario 1,075
Burleigh, Herbert Clarence 1,075
Eastern Ontario 1,075
French language 1,057
Macdonald Campus History 1,009
Sermons, English 1,008
English language 1,003
Jesuits 1,001
Geology 994
Chapbooks 953
Statistics 944
Chapbooks -- Specimens. 943
Voyages and travels 933
McGill Library's Chapbook Collection 929
Church history 916
Geography 899
Natural history 898
French literature 892
College and school periodicals 891
Jews 885
Droit 878
Schneid, Otto, 1929-1973 850
Français (Langue) 840
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 839
Finance, Public 832
Surgery 831
Music 809
Missions 805
Philosophy 805
Mathematics 789
Social sciences 787
Chapbooks, Scottish 756
Chapbooks, English 750
Political science 742
History 733
Human Rights -- Ontario Law & Legislation 733
Ontario. Board of Inquiry Decisions 733
Ontario. Human Rights Commission 733
Ethics 727
Theater 712
Christianity 707
Napoleon I, Emperor of the French, 1769-1821 701
Botany 700
Religion 676
Géologie 670
Law -- Study and teaching -- Periodicals. 659
Quid novi. 659
Socialism 653
Christian life 651
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, 1749-1832 644
Théâtre 635
Littérature française 628
Freemasons 617
Literature 616
Droit civil 611
College student newspapers and periodicals 600
Psychology 586
Elections 584
Voyages around the world 581
Voyages 577
Conduct of life 567
Church and state 560
Judaism 557
Engineering 552
Anglais (Langue) 546
Vancouver 539
Sermons 538
Statistiques 537
Temperance 536
Theology, Doctrinal 531
Classical philology -- Periodicals 527
Council 526
Macdonald College 526
meeting 525
reports 525
Macdonald College -- Periodicals. 524
Agriculture -- Periodicals. 521
Agriculture -- Périodiques. 521
World history 514
Jésuites 513
Forests and forestry 510
Physics 509
Voyages autour du monde 508
German literature 507
Alberta—History 496
Frontier and pioneer life—Alberta 496
Theater programs 495
Guerre mondiale, 1914-1918 488
Zoology 488
Astronomy 487
German language 477
Mineral industries 476
Éducation 475
Banks and banking 473
Concerts 470
Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321 468
Architecture 465
Art -- Periodicals 463
Population 453
Almanacs, Canadian 447
Arithmetic 447
University of Toronto 442
History -- Periodicals 441
Chapbooks -- England -- London -- 19th century 440
Ophthalmology 434
Universités 434
Sermons, Canadian (English) 424
Sermons canadiens-anglais 423
Spanish literature 423
Tempérance 423
Census districts 421
Latin language 421
Women 421
Districts de recensement 420
Law reports, digests, etc 420
Finances publiques 415
English literature 407
College student newspapers and periodicals -- Québec (Province) -- Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue. 401
Pharmacy 401
Tariff 401
Italian literature 399
McGill Student Publications 399
Élections 392
Painting 391
Médecine 389
Arabic language 388
Canadian poetry (English), CIHM 387
Poésie canadienne-anglaise, ICMH 387
Coal mines and mining 383
Children 381
Hunting 378
Manuscripts 377
Sciences naturelles 377
Ballets 376
Chemistry 376
Logic 375
Commerce 373
Philosophy -- Periodicals 373
Église 373
Canadian Pacific Railway Company 372
Canadian fiction (English), CIHM 371
Census 1981 370
History, Ancient 370
Census 1971 368
Roman canadien-anglais, ICMH 366
Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint 365
Recensement 1971 365
Kant, Immanuel, 1724-1804 364
Indiens d'Amérique 363
Recensement 1981 363
Eglise catholique 360
Birds 357
Paleontology 355
Almanachs canadiens 351
Géographie 351
Bibliography -- Periodicals 350
Ethnology 350
Presbyterian Church 350
Labor and laboring classes 347
Aesthetics 342
Natural gas 340
Vie chrétienne 340
Jurisprudence 335
english 298,598
french 104,344
german 34,586
italian 13,396
spanish 9,604
latin 7,503
portuguese 3,681
russian 2,616
chinese 2,504
japanese 2,482
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The John P. Robarts Research Library, commonly referred to as Robarts Library, is the main humanities and social sciences library of the University of Toronto Libraries and the largest individual library in the university. Opened in 1973 and named for John Robarts, the 17th Premier of Ontario, the library contains more than 4.5 million bookform items, 4.1 million microform items and 740,000 other items. The library building is one of the most significant examples of brutalist architecture in...
University of Alberta Libraries
The University of Alberta (U of A) is a public research university located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Founded in 1908 by Alexander Cameron Rutherford, the first premier of Alberta and Henry Marshall Tory, its first president, it is widely recognized as one of the best universities in Canada. The main campus covers 50 city blocks with over 90 buildings directly across the North Saskatchewan River from downtown Edmonton. The University of Alberta library system, received a tremendous boost...
University of Ottawa
Since 1848 the University of Ottawa has been Canada's university. Located in the heart of the nation's capital, the University has emerged as a vibrant "centre of learning", with a total population including students, teaching and support staff - of 40,000. The largest bilingual university in North America, the University is a major player in the cultural and economic development of the National Capital Region. Livres de l’Université d’Ottawa L’Université d’Ottawa est...
A collection of publications dating back to the early 17th century that are about Canada, or written and published by Canadians, scanned from microfiche: The CIHM Monograph Collection represents an important part of our national story. It is a collection of publications dating back to the early 17th century that are about Canada, or written and published by Canadians. To facilitate access, users can easily browse through the collection by topic: Arts and...
Topic: University of Alberta - The CIHM Monograph Collection
The Gerstein Science Information Centre is the University of Toronto's flagship library supporting the sciences and health sciences. The largest science and health science academic library in Canada, Gerstein has a collection of over 945,000 print volumes of journals and books, and also provides access to over 100,000 online journals and books. The Gerstein Science Information Centre's collection consists primarily of material on the sciences, including the health sciences, medicine, physics,...
The John M. Kelly Library is the largest federated college library at UofT. It is also one of more than 40 libraries at the university. Although our collections cover a wide range of subjects, we tend to focus on humanities disciplines including Catholic theology, the Middle Ages, book history and media, Celtic Studies, and English, French, Italian, Slavic and German literature. The John M. Kelly Library's print collection of over 300,000 volumes is developed in support of undergraduate...
PIMS - University of Toronto
“The Pontifical Institute has long appeared to observers to be the most substantial centre of medieval scholarship in North America.” —GEORGE HOLMES, Chichele Professor of Medieval History, All Souls College, Oxford The Institute Library, which opened in 1929 with a mere 3,000 titles donated by St Michael’s College, today has holdings of about 120,000 volumes whose lustre is enhanced and complemented by specialized collections of 9,000 reels of microfilm and 50,000 slides. The...
Internet Archive Canada, with advice and assistance from government and university librarians across Canada, have digitized more than 20,000 Canadian Government publications and made them freely available online. This page is meant to serve as a portal for discovering publications digitized by Internet Archive Canada, to be a reference for future digitization initiatives and provide incentive to grow the list of titles that have been preserved and dedicated to the public domain. Beginning in...
Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library
The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library is a library in the University of Toronto, constituting the largest repository of publicly accessible rare books and manuscripts in Canada. Among the collection's items are the Nuremberg Chronicle (1493), Shakespeare's First Folio (1623), Newton's Principia (1687), and Darwin's proof copy (with annotations) of On the Origin of Species (1859). Other collections include Babylonian cuneiform tablet from Ur (1789 B.C.), 36 Egyptian papyrus manuscript fragments...
The John W. Graham Library at Trinity College is part of the University of Toronto library system and open to all members of the University. Its roots go back to 1828, and today it occupies a heritage building renewed for the 21st century. The Graham Library's collection of more than 200,000 volumes is strongest in international relations, ethics, and the humanities, as well as theological disciplines and resources related to the Anglican Church. Materials for this collection provided by:...
The University of Victoria Libraries includes the William C. Mearns Centre for Learning / McPherson Library, the Diana M. Priestly Law Library in the Fraser Building, and the Curriculum Library in the MacLaurin Building. Materials for this collection provided by: University of Victoria Libraries
The Sablé Collection for 19th Century French Studies is located within the Rare Book collection at the John M. Kelly Library and contains over 500 books by and about Émile Zola. The Sablé Collection is comprised of some 12,000 volumes (most of them in original edition) on French Romanticism and French history and society in the 19th century. The collection also contains a number of period journals available in printed editions and on microfilm. The Zola Collection includes all of Emile...
A special project of the University of Victoria Library's Digital Collections. Digitized versions of The Daily Colonist. More information about The Daily Colonist and it's related titles can be found on the project's website, The British Colonist.
Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) has been protecting Ontario’s environment for over 40 years. Using stringent regulations, targeted enforcement and a variety of innovative programs and initiatives, the ministry continues to address environmental issues that have local, regional and/or global effects. Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change is responsible for protecting clean and safe air, land and water to ensure healthy communities,...
OISE/UT Library
OISE is recognized as a global leader in graduate programs in teaching and learning, continuing teacher education, and education research. We are the largest and most research-intensive institute of education in Canada and one of the largest in North America. For more than a century, OISE has helped to transform education in Ontario, throughout Canada and around the world.
 Material for this collection provided by: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Music - University of Toronto
Our music library is one of the best in North America, boasting a collection of over 250,000 volumes and 160,000 recordings. We also provide access to an ever-expanding number of electronic journals and resources. We are located in one of the world's most vibrant, multicultural, and arts-oriented cities, and situated next door to the Royal Ontario Museum and the Royal Conservatory of Music. Based on publications and citations, the University of Toronto leads Canadian research universities in...
University of Toronto
The University of Toronto Library, one of the top 3 Research and Academic Libraries in North America, hosts a scanning center that is leveraged by many Canadian libraries. Established in 1827, the University of Toronto has one of the strongest research and teaching faculties in North America, presenting top students at all levels with an intellectual environment unmatched in depth and breadth on any other Canadian campus. With more than 75,000 students across three campuses (St. George,...
Located on the campus of Victoria University in the Emmanuel College building, Emmanuel Library is one of the most beautiful libraries at the University of Toronto. It provides a tranquil setting for studying and research. The collection includes approximately 80,000 items, and contains books, journals, and electronic and audio-visual materials in theology and Christianity, which support graduate studies at Emmanuel College. Materials for this collection provided by: Emmanuel College Library,...
E.J. Pratt Library
Located on the Victoria University campus, the E.J. Pratt Library collection numbers approximately 250,000 items and contains books, periodicals, documents, pamphlets and specialized material, excluding theology, which support undergraduate studies at Victoria University. General Collections include: Canadian Studies Classics English French German literature History Near Eastern Studies Philosophy Political Science Religious Studies Special Collections Include: William Blake Samuel...
The Ontario council of University Libraries is a consortium of twenty-one university libraries in the province of Ontario. The member libraries cooperate to enhance information services through resource sharing, collective purchasing, document delivery and many other similar activities. OCUL’s vision is to be a recognized leader in provincial, national and international post-secondary communities for the collaborative development and delivery of outstanding and innovative library services...
York University Libraries
York University is now Canada's third largest university, world-renowned for attracting students who forge their own unique paths. A community of faculty, students and staff committed to academic freedom, social justice, accessible education, and collegial self-governance, York University makes innovation its tradition. Materials for this collection provided by: York University
The University of British Columbia Library stands out as a leading institution in North America and a high-ranking member of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL). The Library's collections include 5.8 million volumes, 5.3 million microforms, more than 833,000 maps, audio, video and graphic materials, and more than 80,000 serial titles. Digital initiatives include collecting and providing long-term access to electronic publications and archival records, providing new and more efficient...
Queen's University Library
As the top-ranked university library in its category for number of holdings per student, the Library’s collections compare favourably with the very top Canadian research libraries. University investment in acquisitions, combined with the power of consortial purchasing of digital information resources through the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) and the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL-Scholars Portal), have contributed to a dramatic expansion of the Library’s...
Toronto Public Library
The Toronto Reference Library (previously the Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library) is a six storey facility in Toronto, Ontario, opened in 1977. The library was designed by architect Raymond Moriyama and is part of the Toronto Public Library system, but its collection is mostly non-circulating. Now part of the the larger Toronto Public Library system, prior to 1998, it operated separately. It is one of three large libraries in the city, which includes the Robarts Library at the University...
The University of Western Ontario
Located in London, Ontario and founded in 1878, The University of Western Ontario is one of Canada's oldest universities. Western is committed to its mission of providing the best student experience among Canada's leading research-intensive universities. A vibrant centre of learning, Western is home to approximately 3,500 full-time faculty and staff members and approximately 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Through its 12 Faculties, and three affiliated Colleges, the University...
The history of the East Asian Library goes back a long time. In 1933, the Rev. William C. White, former Anglican Bishop of Henan, China, heard of a fine Chinese library for sale. It consisted of about 40,000 volumes collected by a scholar Mr. Mu Hsueh Hsun (1880 - 1929). He was the former secretary at the German Legation in Peking. Bishop White immediately put in an offer of $10,500 which was accepted. Then Bishop White, Dr. Sigmund Samuel, Sir Robert Mond, and Professor John C. Ferguson put...
Regis College Library
Regis College is the Jesuit Faculty of Theology at the University of Toronto, one of North America's Roman Catholic ecclesiastical faculties. Inspired by the charism of St. Ignatius of Loyola and faithful to the Roman Catholic tradition, Regis serves women and men called to minister to people of many faiths and cultures. Central to our mission is the affirmation of our Jesuit/Ignatian heritage as we continue to form candidates coming to us in preparation for ordination. As well, we are a...
Publications contributed by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (Canadian Agriculture Library) Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada (Bibliothèque canadienne de l'agriculture) a contribué les publications. English Français
Books from Library and Archives Canada - Bibliothèque et Archives Canada
Topic: government documents, federal, provincial, journals, senate, public accounts, house of commons,...
Sessional Papers of Canada Collection
The Sessional Papers of the Dominion of Canada-- Sessional Papers are reports and papers which have been tabled in the House of Commons (and sometimes the Senate) and deposited with the Clerk. These papers include annual reports of government departments and boards, the Estimates, the Public Accounts, and the reports of the Royal Commissions. Material for this collection has been provided by Robarts Library, University of Toronto; Toronto Public Library: Research and Reference Libraries; ...
Statistics Canada, Statistique Canada
Census Publications, Publications des recensements. Books contributed by Statistics Canada. Statistics Canada Library / bibliothèque de Statistique Canada Statistics Canada, a member of the Industry Portfolio, produces statistics that help Canadians better understand their country—its population, resources, economy, society and culture. In addition to conducting a Census every five years, there are about 350 active surveys on virtually all aspects of Canadian life. Materials for this...
Brock University
Located at the centre of Canada's beautiful Niagara Peninsula in St. Catharines, Ont., Brock University is the only Canadian university with the distinction of being part of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The University offers strong undergraduate, graduate and interdisciplinary degree programs that include co-op and other experiential learning opportunities to a student population of more than 17,000. Brock University graduates continue to enjoy one of the highest employment rates of all...
Canadian Trade Journals Collection
A collection of Canadian Trade Journals and Catalogues provided by the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library and the Toronto Public Library. Farmer's Magazine, March 1913 Canadian Home Journal, September 1920 Men's Wear Review, 1921 See a Tag Cloud for Trade Journals and Catalogues.
The Rare Books Collections include most works owned by the Library which were published before 1850 as well as later works which are exceptionally valuable, are numerically scarce, or have significant provenance. The collections are strongest in Catholic history and theology and in French literature. Collection Highlights: Counter-Reformation Collection John Henry Newman Collection G.K. Chesterton Collection Marshall McLuhan Collection Soulerin Collection USMC Publications Collection Sablé...
Books from the University of Toronto, UTM Library at Mississauga.
Print versions of this unique collection of Alberta Education curriculum guides and programs of study are housed in the Curriculum Historical Collection at the H.T. Coutts Education and Physical Education Library. These resources are of interest to researchers in all programs in the Faculty of Education. Digitization of these items now enables many more researchers to search and obtain access to these historical documents. Search University of Alberta Education Guides:
Engineering - University of Toronto
Situated in the Legislative Building's north wing, the Library traces its roots back to 1792 when it began as the parliamentary Library of Upper Canada. It now provides timely, professional and comprehensive information and research services to Members of the Provincial Parliament (MPPs), legislative committees and Legislative Assembly officials. While not open to the public, the Library makes a number of information papers available online and works with other libraries to ensure that unique...
Materials for this collection provided by: Earth Sciences Library University of Toronto.
University of Toronto Archives
The University of Toronto Archives was established in 1965 as a unit within the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections. Its antecedents, however, date back much further to the Art Room in what is now the Science and Medicine Library. It has been located on the fourth floor of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library since 1972. Along with the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, it forms part of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto Libraries. The...
Caven Library, Knox College
Special collections of the Caven Library include the McKay Educational Resources collection, the Walter Allum Preaching Library and Rare Books Collection. The McKay Educational Resource Centre A continuing resource for students, primarily in the Christian Education concentration at Knox College. This collection specializes in materials, both books and audio visuals, relating to Christian Education, particularly curricula used by the Presbyterian Church in Canada as well as audio visual...
University of Guelph
The University of Guelph is ranked as one of Canada's top comprehensive universities because of our commitment to student learning and innovative research. We are dedicated to cultivating the essentials for our quality of life - water, food, environment, animal and human health, community, commerce, culture and learning. The University community also shares a profound sense of social responsibility, an obligation to address global issues and a concern for international development. Ontario...
Carleton University Library
Welcome to Carleton University, Canada’s capital university! Situated on a beautiful campus bordered by the sparkling Rideau River and Canal, Carleton is just minutes from the heart of our nation’s government and enjoys easy access to the many organizations, associations and businesses which thrive in Ottawa. Many of Ontario’s leading high tech companies surround our campus where cutting-edge research joins with highly innovative teaching to solve real-life problems. Members of a...
Selwyn House School
Selwyn House School is an independent college preparatory school for boys in Kindergarten through Grade 11 (senior year in Quebec high schools). The school was founded in 1908 by Englishman Captain Algernon Lucas. It is named after Selwyn College, Cambridge University, which Lucas attended. Materials for this collection provided by: Selwyn House School
The University of Guelph’s Scottish collection is one of the finest in the world. Interest in building Scottish and Scottish-Canadian holdings began after 1965 when the University of Guelph was established. Over the years, the Library has established rare book, manuscript, and archival resources which have gained national recognition. Among the monographic holdings there are numerous guidebooks and travel accounts and local histories relating to all areas of Scotland that contain fascinating...
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Topic: English language
The library was formed in 1922, one year after the Ontario College of Art moved into its own building in Grange Park. At that time, the college had a staff of seven instructors, six visiting instructor and three assistant instructors, under the direction of a principal and vice-principal, with 330 registered students. Robert Holmes(botanist, master of water colour technique, and flower painter) successfully lobbied for the establishment of a library and generously donated his personal book...
Thomas Fisher Astronomy
Thomas Fisher Astronomy From the earliest humans to Claudius Ptolemaeus, Galileo Galilei, George Ellery Hale, Edwin Hubble to Geoffery Marcy; the study/science of astronomy and the night sky has always attempted to decipher the sun, the moon and the planets but also our place as humans, within the cosmos. This collection from the Fisher Rare Books Library is largely made of items from the Stillman Drake Collection (Galileo Galilei), editions from Johannes Kepler, Nicolaus Copernicus, John...
In the Spring of 2008, The Honourable John Yaremko presented the University of Toronto Library with an endowment to be used for special projects to preserve and improve access to Ukrainian materials held by Robarts and Thomas Fisher Rare Book Libraries. Details of the project are detailed by the Petro Jacyk Central & East European Resource Centre. The generosity of John Yaremko and the Foundation set up in his and his late wife Mary's name will allow the Library to preserve and make broadly...
Iter, meaning a journey or a path in Latin, is a not-for-profit research project with partners in Toronto (the headquarters), New York City, and Tempe. Iter was created for the advancement of learning in the study and teaching of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (400-1700) through the development of online resources. Iter is a not-for-profit partnership of the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (ACMRS) at Arizona State University, the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance...
PIMS - University of Toronto
by Heiric, of Auxerre, ca. 841-ca. 876
Internet Archive's 2 millionth Text Scanned Handwritten in Latin by a number of scribes in a script inspired by the court of Charlemagne, this rare and beautiful treasure from the first millennium of Christianity, is one of the gems in the renowned collection of the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies. The Institute is dedicated to transmitting the inheritance of the Middle Ages to new generations; to deepening our understanding of the life and ideals of Western culture in the time of...
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Topics: Homiliaries, Sermons, Latin
St. Andrew's College Archives
Established in 1899, St. Andrew's College is an independent all-boys residential and day school with a reputation that is highly respected in Canada and around the world. The school welcomes boarding and day students from Grade 6 to University Entrance. The St. Andrew’s education encourages boys to develop all-round skills in academics, athletics, arts and leadership. Materials for this collection provided by: St. Andrew's College
Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario Freemasonry is the oldest and largest world wide fraternity dedicated to the Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of a Supreme Being. Although of a religious nature, Freemasonry is not a religion. It urges its members, however, to be faithful and devoted to their own religious beliefs. In our Province the governing body is called the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario. It is...
Topic: collection
Bora Laskin Law Library
Bora Laskin Law Library- University of Toronto Faculty of Law The Library's collection, which numbers over 253,000 volumes, supports the curriculum and research interests of the Faculty. It includes primary legal materials from the major common law countries such as Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom as well as from other selected jurisdictions. The Library subscribes to over 700 scholarly legal periodicals from around the world and collects legal and law-related texts and...
Ryerson University
Ryerson is Canada's leader in innovative, career-focused education and a university clearly on the move. It is a distinctly urban university with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. Ryerson has a mission to serve societal need and a long-standing commitment to engaging its community. Guided by a bold Academic Plan, an ambitious research agenda, and a Master Plan to revitalize the campus and surrounding neighbourhood, Ryerson is the most applied-to university in Ontario relative to...
Archives and Research Collections (ARC) was established in 2008. Its purpose is to serve research, teaching, and learning at Carleton University. ARC actively pursues, acquires, and makes available (regardless of format) archival collections from individuals, associations, and organizations. ARC also provides ongoing practicum education opportunities for students. The rare book collection in ARC acquires material by actively purchasing items to support academic research and teaching at the...
Royal Ontario Museum Library
The Royal Ontario Museum is among the world’s leading museums of natural history, and of world cultures. Indeed, in combining a universal museum of cultures with that of natural history, the ROM offers an unusual breadth of experience to visitors and scholars from around the world. We realize more acutely now that nature and humanity are intertwined, and the ROM offers many examples in its collections and programs of these fundamental relationships. It is the ROM’s mission to engage the...
Officially opened in 1969 as a faculty and graduate student library, the Mathematical Sciences Library was built to strengthen research in the Mathematical and Statistical Sciences. The library holds over 50,000 volumes of books and journals and has access to more than 100,000 online publications. Materials for this collection provided by: Mathematical Sciences Library
Topic: collection
Royal Commissions of Ontario
Royal Commissions of Ontario are public, independent Inquiries appointed under the Public Inquiries Act of Ontario. A Royal Commission is established through an order of the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario in co-operation with the Premier of Ontario and the Provincial Cabinet. A Commissioner is appointed to oversee the inquiry into facts or matters of public interest and to publicly present recommendations on these matters.
Once attributed to Girolamo Spinelli; now believed to be the work of Galilei. Cf. Drake, Stillman. Galileo against the philosophers Galileo, a major progenitor of the Scientific Revolution was also a martyr of the new science. His career can be viewed as a series of controversies, beginning with his earliest published work on the ‘new star’ of 1604, written when he was already 40. He then moved on to the proportional compass, the telescopic discoveries of 1610, the ‘bodies in water’ and...
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Topics: Lorenzini, Antonio, fl. 1606, Stars, New, Astronomy
The Soulerin Collection represents the pre-Confederation library of St. Michael's College. It is named in honour of the Reverend Jean Mathieu Soulerin who was the first Superior of the college from 1852 to 1865. The collection numbers almost 900 volumes (some 700 titles), most of which date from the late 18th or the early 19th century. The collection is strongest in British and European history, English and French literature, and Catholic theology. Material for this collection provided by:...
Thomas Fisher Libretti Collection
Approximately 4000 works, primarily in Italian, first performed after 1815; also translations into other languages.
The foundation of the Dentistry Library's rare books collection was started in 1897 when the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario purchased the personal library of the late Dr. George W. Beers of Montreal. Another significant contribution occurred in 1919, when Walter E. Willmott donated the collection of his father, Dr. James Branston Willmott, first Dean of the Dental College. In 1980, the Dentistry Library transferred over 250 of its rare books to the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library,...
The Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies (CRRS) is a research and teaching centre with a library devoted to the study of the period from approximately 1350 to 1700. The CRRS supervises an undergraduate program in Renaissance Studies, organizes lectures and seminars, and maintains an active series of publications. Materials for this collection provided by: Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies Library
Trinity College School
Trinity College School is a co-educational, independent boarding/day school located on 100 acres of rolling countryside in picturesque Port Hope, Ontario, Canada, one hour’s drive east of Toronto. Our Senior School, Grades 9-12, includes approximately 500 students, 60% of whom are boarders. Our Junior School includes just over 100 day students from Grade 5 to Grade 8. Established in 1865, TCS is one of Canada's oldest and most respected educational institutions. The School places a balanced...
McGill University Library
The McGill University Library holds more than seven million items in its various collections, which are located in numerous branches across McGill’s downtown and Macdonald campuses. Receiving over 5 million visits annually, and millions more visits online, it is an invaluable support system for the McGill community, with rich collections, comprehensive information resources, innovative services and attractive, comfortable facilities. For more information: Materials for...
Topic: McGill University Library Digitized Title
Canadian Libraries
by St. Augustine
A native of France, Nicolas Jenson was one of the most important printers operating in Venice in the fifteenth century. Between c.1470 and 1480, Jenson produced around 150 books including the 1475 printing of St. Augustine's "De Civitate Dei" or "The City of God." The quality of Jenson's books influenced greatly the revival of fine printing in Britain in the nineteenth century. The great British typographer Stanley Morison (1889-1967) once said that Jenson produced "the...
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University of Toronto - Robarts Library
by Ives, Herbert Eugene, 1882-1953
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Topic: Aerial photography
Upper Canada College, TORONTO, Ont., was founded in 1829 by the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, Sir John COLBORNE, with the intention of it being a non-denominational feeder school for the newly founded King’s College (which later became the University of Toronto). UCC was modelled after Britain’s top all-boys schools, most notably Eton College, and employed a principal and eight teachers to educate 57 students in its first year. The original permanent campus was located downtown in...
Osgoode Hall Law Library
Osgoode Hall Law School Library, York University Our mission is to contribute to new knowledge about the law and the legal system by being a centre for thoughtful and creative legal scholarship, to provide an outstanding professional and liberal education to our students so that they can assume positions of leadership in the legal profession, among legal academics and in all aspects of public life, and to serve Canadian society and the world in ways that further social justice. Osgoode...
Trent University Archives
Trent University Archives is a regional repository for historical papers and records relating to the Trent Valley area and beyond, with special emphasis of those subject areas which complement undergraduate and graduate teaching at Trent. Located on the ground floor of Bata Library, the Archives is open to the Trent community, and the public without charge. Trent University Archives received the A.A.O. Institutional Award of the year in 2003. Material for this collection provided by: Trent...
Government of Alberta Publications Collection.
Material for this collection contributed by the Queens University Archives and the Thomas Fisher Rare Books Library, University of Toronto.
The Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library has been named in honour of Richard Charles Lee, one of the foremost Hong Kong businessmen and philanthropists of his day. The facility features a unique research collection on Canada-Hong Kong studies, quiet study space, and seminar areas. It provides resources and space to accommodate the continuous growth of research interest in Hong Kong, and its relation to Canada and other regions in the world. Materials for this collection provided by:...
Mauri is probably a pseudonym. Variously attributed to Marco Mauro, or Galileo Galilei. Cf. Melzi; Drake, Stillman. Galileo against the philosophers
Topics: Colombe, Lodovico delle, fl. 1612, Stars, New, Astronomy